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Judy Sorenson

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Judy Sorenson

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Judy Sorenson is an Intuitive Consultant & Metaphysical Healer with a focus on Energy Medicine. At the age of four, she could acknowledge beings, places and events past this 3-D realm and developed an effortless and powerful connection with the spirit world. Today, she uses those abilities of psychic vision and perception to uncover information not readily available to the lay person. This has proven helpful to her clients in their decision-making processes. Judy is a graduate of the Omnium Foundation’s Master’s & Advanced programs in Self-Realization & Energy Medicine. While Judy practices in Florida, her abilities are not limited by geographical location.

1) "What is your background?"
I was born with a gift to see and as a child, was able to communicate with a realm past this 3-D reality. In just being who I am at all times, I was able to predict future events, know what people were feeling and thinking, communicate with loved ones that had passed over, and heal at a very young age. I consider my life as “normal” however I just so happen to have been blessed with extraordinary gifts as a metaphysical healer, intuitive, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

2) "Do you combine different modalities to create the services you offer? If so, what are they?"
In preparation for this new age, I teach the innate and simple practice of connecting to Source using the OMnium Method TM, reestablishing that powerful link to Divine Creator and thus awakening to the individual’s divine blueprint in this Universe. I teach how to trust your inner vision; that there is where the Divine sits and communicates with the individual directly and without interference.

I use no props in my practice and simply tap into the frequency of the Divine which is and of itself, the most powerful healing energy available. What is so gratifying is that we ALL have the birthright to access this energy; and we have just forgotten how to do it. I offer Intuitive Guidance & Coaching as well as Energy Field Clearing; Reversal of Unconscious Blocks; Light / Sound Therapy; Remote Healing; Belief System Reprogramming; Body Scanning; Trauma / Phobia Release; and Emotional Balancing.

3) "What kind of issues/problems do you address/help people with? If there are many, discuss just the main issues."
In my practice, I have tuned in on and worked with clients on a variety of questions pertaining to life circumstances and change. My goal is to offer scenarios (answers) according to the client’s own world of probability while at the same time respecting their individual guidance system. As for direct physical healing, I have worked with a multitude of health concerns from cancer to toothaches and find that each case is different. Results will vary according to the intent and desire of the client.

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